World Largest Database - 12 PB - is EDMT!

EDMT® Solution

EDMT® Solution is the solution for real-time, high-speed ingest of large volumes of structured and unstructured data (EDMT stands for Emails, Documents, Multimedia and database Transactions) into single repository for purpose of archiving, retention and analysis.

Historically, multiple systems such as email archive, document archive, databases, data warehouses, backup tapes were used to store various data. Such approach has two main drawbacks:

  1. cross-analysis is very difficult and slow and
  2. purchase and maintenance cost of multiple, incompatible systems is very high

Once EDMT is stored and indexed in EDMT® Solution, business can run the textual and SQL analysis and cross-analysis in real-time without burdening the primary information systems.

Real-time monitoring, instant cross-analysis of new and historical data and real-time response to market changes, product problems, customer dissatisfaction, litigation, audit, fraud threats, competitive threats etc. are now possible from the single system.

EDMT® Solution comes prepackaged in five standard configurations (L, XL, 4XL, 1K and 16K) that can be combined to create custom sizes. Storage can be expanded independently in increments of 24 TB.

EEDMT® Solution

EDMT® Solution is designed to handle massive data volumes at real-time speed:

  • Massive Data scalability - certified to 1 Petabyte of data: that corresponds to 10 Billion Emails (100 KB each) or 1 trillion SMS or 6 Trillion typ. Databases records or any mix of it.
  • Capturing data at rapid pace and in real time: EDMT® Solution captures and indexes data at over 1 TB per hour (equivalent to 10 Million typical emails or 1 Billion SMS or 10 billion database transaction - per hour).
  • Low data latency: new email or document of transactions will be stored, indexed and ready for analysis in under 3 seconds
  • Fast search and analysis : any pin-point search or cross-search will find results in sub-second response time

EDMT® Solution has the following, fully integrated components

  1. Connectors to multiple Email servers (MS Exchange, Lotus, Gmail, HotMail, Yahoo, any RFC2822-compatible format) and in-flight smtp protocol
  2. Integrated file system spiders
  3. Real-time, multi-channel ETL for unstructured data (over 400 formats)
  4. Real-time ETL for structured data (custom)
  5. High-speed, massively parallel archiver and indexer for unstructured data
  6. High-speed, massively parallel archiver and indexer for structured data
  7. Retention Manager
  8. Auto-classification module
  9. Collaboration Manager
  10. Browser-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  11. Administration Module
  12. SQL API for SQL tools
  13. Web Services for non-SQL tools
  14. Back-end data repository with advanced data encryption
  15. Monitoring, Diagnostics and Notification module
  16. Built-in Email Server
  17. Custom Web crawler
  18. eDiscovery Module
  19. Audit and Compliance Module
  20. Multi-site replicator (custom) with NonStopIQ Connector
  21. Mobile interface (smartphone)
  22. High-speed email exporter for recovery of MS Exchange
  23. High-speed file exporter for recovery of file systems or data streaming
  24. Email conversion Engine

For more information visit our Resource page or contact your Sybase/SAP representative or authorized BMMsoft distributor.