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EDMT Appliance - Easy Unlocking the value of unstructured data

EDMT Appliance Components

EDMT Appliance includes a number of powerful components that combine to deliver unprecedented performance and scale for unified information search, access and analysis.


The EDM (Emails, Documents, Multi-media) APIs are pre-built links that enable the EDMT Appliance to access unstructured data content and ingest this content into the EDMT Appliance engine.

Ingest and Meta data Manager

The EDMT® Ingest and Meta data Manager automates all of the unstructured data ingest processes and transforms this content to SQL-compatible structure by creating meta data tags as the data is ingested. Using parallelized ingest processes, EDMT® Ingest and Meta data Manager enables the ingest and transformation of unstructured data at speeds exceeding 1 terabyte per hour.

EDMT(R) Policy Manager

The EDMT(R) Policy Manager automates the processes for managing all policies governing data/records classification, retention, access privileges and alerts.

Information Access, Discovery & Analysis Services

EDMT(R) Information Access, Discovery and Analysis Services are a set of user interface methods and services for directly interrogating and analyzing the combined data stored and managed by EDMT Appliance. These services include an EDMT Appliance Administrator GUI, an API for integrating standard SQL query tools, an API for integrating web services and an API for integrating custom data analysis tools.

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