BMMSoft UDAS: The World's First Unified Big Data Solution


EDMT® Solution addresses three most difficult data management and data analysis problems businesses and governments are facing today:

Archiving and Retention

Two forces are making data archiving and analysis very difficult: Data is growing exponentially, while regulations, legal and business need to store data for long time and to analyze it instantly. EDMT® Solution is the real-time analytic archive, as opposed to “delayed, non-analytic archive”. We have certified EDMT® Solution to handle over 1PB (over 1,000 TB) of data and access that in real-time.

Support for real-time Audit, eDiscovery, Investigation and Risk Management

Litigations, Investigation, Audit, Fraud Prevention and Risk Management require immediate access and analysis of all relevant data to reduce risk and meet regulatory obligations. EDMT® Solution offers modules that access and process data stored and indexed in its repository to support Legal and RIM tasks.

Cross analysis of structured and unstructured data using text search and SQL reporting

We are used to the data dichotomy: search engines search text, while databases analyze numbers, but never both at the same. Regulations and market requirements are increasingly asking for unified analysis of structured and unstructured data. EDMT® Solution is built from ground up to handle dual-nature tasks because all the data is stored in single, analytic repository.

We offer solutions for the following applications and industries:

Legal and eDiscovery
Audit and Compliance
Corporate Risk Management
Archiving and Retention
Disaster Recovery and BCS