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Corporate Risk Management

Corporate Risk Management focuses on investigation, fraud examination, security threat, IP leakage, security threat, environmental risks, product deficiencies and other activities that are not included in eDiscovery and Audit and Compliance.

Risk Management has to solve wide range of very dynamic, unpredictable problems, with no scheduling and planning possible, thus making the task different and, in many aspects, more difficult than Legal eDiscovery, Audit and Compliance which have somewhat predefined scope, rules and timing.

Reporting Tools such as SAP Business Objects can connect to EDMT® Solution using EDMT® Universe, which is included in EDMT® Audit and Compliance Module. Using EDMT® Universe, users of SAP Business Objects tool can search emails, documents and multimedia and correlate them with their database records.

The nature of corporate risk management requires search and analysis of years of historical data of any kind and irrespective of type (i.e. email, document, multimedia or database records) but also requires detailed data because summaries are not useful for this purpose. The end result is that huge volumes of heterogeneous data have to be collected, indexed and cross-analyzed. EDMT® Solution meets this requirement quite well. It has Massive Data scalability – certified to 1 Petabyte of data, which corresponds to 10 Billion Emails (100 KB each) or 1 Trillion SMS or 6 Trillion database records or any mix of it, thus having deep historical, detailed data ready for Risk Management cross-analytics.

Corporate Risk Management can fall in two very different categories – proactive and reactive. Proactive, real-time search and analysis is critical to detect the possibility of a problem, detect it as early as possible and reduce or eliminate the impact. Reactive search and cross-analysis takes place when the problem has already occurred, has been detected and the team needs to learn as much as possible about the problem and how to solve it. It is obvious that real-time data and real-time search capability are required to detect and solve the problem, which in many cases is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. EDMT® Solution captures and indexes new data at over 1 TB per hour (equivalent to 10 Million emails or 1 Billion SMS or 10 billion database transaction – per hour). In addition, EDMT® Solution has Low data latency (“fresh data will be stored, indexed and ready for analysis in under 3 seconds) and offers fast search and analysis (pin-point search or cross-search will find results in sub-second response time)

To provide the best service, risk management team needs the ability to enable collaboration –when needed and on a short notice – with Legal, eDiscovery, Audit and Compliance teams. EDMT® Solution provides Collaboration without IT help and Self-Service through PC tools (Outlook, Browser) and Mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone). If needed, external, specialized Risk Management applications can access data in EDMT® Solution through SQL API interface.

EDMT® Solution provides the platform that meets all the requirements of corporate risk management in the similar way it facilitates eDiscovery and Audit in compliance.