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Disaster Recovery and BCS

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are critical aspects of every mission-critical business. Given the importance of eDiscovery and RIM.

EDMT® Solution plays two very important roles in data protection and service protection

  • Data protection: EDMT® Solution is usually the last line of defense before data is permanently deleted. On the other hand, EDMT® Solution is responsible for defensibly deleting the data after the expiration of retention period.
  • Service Availability: eDiscovery and RIM tasks are critical tasks-in some cases as time-sensitive as business transactions itself, so EDMT® Solution must provide service and data availability caused by usual problems such as HW and SW failures, data corruption, operators error, site outage caused by power or network problems and catastrophic events such as earthquake, flooding, unrest and others.

EDMT® Solution offers multiple levels of data protection and service availability Multi-site Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity using EDMT® Solution.

Data protection is implemented at multiple levels:

  • RAID-6 Data availability consists of RAID protection (typ. RAID-6)
  • Multi-site replication mirrors data between the different segment servers. This provides no data loss when a disk or server is lost or down
  • Storing of original data in WORM storage - local or remote
  • History Folder to provide
  • Hybrid Backup that recovers database using History Folder
  • Additionally, the master and segment servers are mirrored, enabling them to fail over for continued operations if the primary fails

Service Availability is based on multi-site approach

  • Multi-site replication provides dual benefit : data copies are created to and multiple, independent servers can use that data to offer service availability. Effectively, multiple sites are hot-standby copies of the primary site (active-active).
  • Multiple data copies and multiple servers can be geo-dispersed to further reduce the likelihood that the same disaster can take down two or all sites.
  • All sites operate in active-active mode and users can manually or automatically switch from one site to another.

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